Microtransit Pilot Program

February 8, 2022

2/24/22 Public Meeting Presentation

This survey invites feedback on the two proposed zones and service standards for the pilot:

What is Microtransit?

We are looking at ways to supplement or improve existing service for routes with low ridership and areas without connections to existing service. One option being considered is microtransit, a national model of small-scale transit that has proven successful for on-demand or fixed schedule service.

Microtransit is a technology-enabled transit service that uses multi-passenger/pool shuttles or vans to provide service. Passengers request rides on their smartphones or by calling the transit agency to schedule a ride. Microtransit in most small to mid-size cities typically serves 2-4 passengers per hour.

Benefits of Microtransit

  • Responds to most ride requests within 20 minutes
  • Optimizes a vehicle’s route in real time to create an on-demand single-ride or small carpool
  • Offers a one-seat ride when traveling within a microtransit zone or transfers customers to nearby BRT or bus stations for travel outside the zone
  • Offers ride fares similar to current bus trip fares

Work Completed to Date

Tulsa Transit evaluated six zones for implementing a pilot program to test the viability of microtransit. These zones targeted replacement of current routes that have lower ride demand, including some Nightline service routes, Workforce Express Network and Route 508 in Broken Arrow.

The project team presented and received feedback on that work through two stakeholder meetings, one public meeting and an online survey open to the public in December and January.

Next Steps

The project team further assessed the six zones and has recommendations for two zones to move forward into the pilot. These zone recommendations and other service recommendations for the microtransit pilot will be presented to the Community Stakeholder Committee and at the next public meeting. The next public meeting will be February 24, 2022. Information to join that meeting is at the top of this page.

Topics for feedback at the second public meeting include:

  • Public feedback received to-date
  • Recommended microtransit pilot locations and zone boundaries
  • Recommended service standards
  • Measuring pilot performance

In addition to the feedback received at the meeting, a survey will be open starting February 24 for additional feedback. The project team will then finalize the Implementation Plan.

12/9/21 Public Meeting Presentation

Written description of the Zone Boundaries under evaluation