How To Buy Passes

Get the Right Bus Pass!

MetroLink Tulsa sells a variety of bus passes. When purchasing a bus pass, be sure you request and receive the correct type. Some passes, such as the Reduced Fare pass, require a special identification card to allow use of that pass. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they purchase and receive the correct pass for their use on MetroLink Tulsa journey. Once you have purchased a MetroLink Tulsa Pass, please note that refunds will not be available.

Where to Buy Bus Passes


Tulsa Transit passes can be purchased at participating QuikTrips. Please check with the individual location for availability.

On Buses

Single Ride Passes, and 1-Day passes may also be purchased on the bus.  Tell the operator what type of pass you want to purchase before you put your money into the farebox.

Denver Ave. Station

Location: 4th & Denver in Downtown, across from the BOK
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 8AM to 5:00PM (CLOSED 12-1PM for lunch)

Midtown Memorial Station

Location: 7952 E 33rd St, Tulsa, OK 74145
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 7AM to 4:00PM (CLOSED 11- 12PM for lunch)


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