How To Ride

Riding the Bus

Multi-Bus Trips

  • Tulsa Transit’s transfer pass is good for unrestricted access to any route or routes in any direction (except Express Routes) for 3 hours. The expiration time will be printed on the back of the transfer pass.
  • If you need to transfer from one bus to another to complete your trip, you must ask your driver for a transfer pass when you pay your fare.  (Add $0.25 when using a transfer on an Express Route.)
  • Swipe the transfer pass through the farebox reader when boarding any bus during the time the pass is valid. The farebox will reject invalid transfer passes.
  • If you purchase a Day pass, 7-Day pass or 31-Day pass (good for unlimited rides), you won’t need a transfer pass.  Just swipe the pass each time you ride.
  • In case of a misunderstanding, please pay your fare and report the discrepancy at the customer service window at either station.

To get help planning your bus ride call us at 918-982-6882. Please feel free to give us your feedback on our Customer Service tab.