Security & Safety

Transit Security

At Tulsa Transit, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a serious matter.  To ensure a safe environment, Tulsa Transit has security cameras throughout its system.  Every Tulsa Transit city bus and Lift Program vehicle (excluding taxis) are equipped with cameras and audio recorders that are always operating.  In addition, our two transfer stations, the Denver Avenue Station and Memorial Midtown Station, are outfitted with cameras, both on the inside and outside.  These camera systems not only serve as a deterrent to illegal activity, but also enable Tulsa Transit to examine video and audio for incidents that occur on the buses or at the stations.

The Security Team at Tulsa Transit does an excellent job of maintaining the safety of our employees, customers and property.  The Security staff includes private security who are employees of Tulsa Transit.  They are there for your protection and to insure a safe ride with Tulsa Transit.

Be Involved

Be involved in a lifesaving partnership: transit employees and passengers.

As a resource, transit employees provide a wealth of specialized knowledge and on-the-job experience. Likewise, transit passengers contribute to the security equation by providing thousands of extra eyes and ears capable of identifying possible life-threatening situations.

When transit employees and transit passengers pool these resources, the result is a highly effective first line of defense against a potential natural or man-made disaster. So, please make a commitment to becoming an alert, informed, prepared and involved member of this employee-passenger partnership.

Rest assured, your efforts will go a long way toward enhancing the safety and security of our transit system.

Be Informed

Be informed and have a transit plan of action.

  • Familiarize yourself with station entrances
  • Remain calm and listen for station or bus announcements
  • Follow transit authority instructions in a speedy but orderly fashion
  • Do not block bus doors from closing
  • Assist fellow passengers and follow the Golden Rule: Watch out for the safety of others just as you would have them watch out for your safety

Be Alert

Be on alert for suspicious packages – If you spot an unattended package, look for the following:

  • Placement in an out-of-the-way location.
  • Individuals in the act of abandoning the package and hastily departing the area.
  • Unusual attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles or bags that might contain chemicals.
  • An attached message.
  • A suspicious cloud, mist, gas, vapor, odor or seeping fluid.
  • Nearby individuals showing signs of illness or distress.
  • In the event of a suspicious package, do not use a cellular phone until you are a safe distance away!

Be on the alert for suspicious behavior – If you spot any suspicious individuals engaged in questionable activity, look for the following:

  • Visible signs of nervousness.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Sprayer bottles or aerosol canisters.
  • Inappropriate clothing that is excessively baggy or too heavy in warm weather.
  • Do not confront suspicious individuals.
  • Contact a transit employee or the police immediately.

Report suspicious activity by clicking here

Be Prepared

Be prepared for any situation:

  • Create an advanced plan for maintaining contact with family members if separated as a result of an emergency.
  • Create an advanced plan for maintaining contact with close friends and colleagues during an extended emergency period.
  • Keep a record of all contact and emergency information and update it regularly as needed.
  • Select a location outside your home as a family meeting point should your home need to be evacuated.
  • Identify alternate routes and means of reaching your meeting point in the event your main route is impassable.
  • Keep a local map handy for reference.
  • Make sure your emergency information and contact numbers are with you at all times.

Emergency Reference Card

Prepare a quick emergency reference card by writing down the following information.

Keep this information with you at all times:

  • Your Home or cell phone number and any additional phone numbers.
  • Your family’s address and phone numbers.
  • an out-of-town relative or other contact’s name, address, and phone numbers.