Reading Schedules

Reading a Schedule

Reading a timetable is simple once you know how.  All bus schedules are printed as individual pamphlets at our Denver Avenue Station for free or they are available here on the website.

  1. Direction

    Determine the direction and time period you’ll be traveling.

  2. Timing Point

    Pick the timing point nearest your departure location.

  3. Departure Time

    Below the timing point, locate your departure time. Plan to arrive at your bus stop according to the timepoint that appears on the timetable prior to your boarding location.

  4. Estimate Arrival and Departure Times

    Read the times from left to right to estimate arrival and departure times.

  5. Check for Correct Schedule

    Weekday and Saturday time schedules are different! Make sure you are looking at the correct schedule. Some routes do not have Saturday service.

  6. Boarding Time

    To determine the correct boarding time, look at the timetables for your route or call 918-582-2100 for assistance.