Updated April 2024

What is Micro?

Micro Transit operates in specific zones, connecting passengers to fixed routes for complete journeys. Users can request rides through various platforms, facilitating convenient and flexible service. Vehicles pick up passengers from their desired location, employing real-time scheduling to optimize routes, reduce wait times, and cater to individual travel needs within defined geographic areas.

Benefits of Micro

  • On-demand convenience: Request rides when needed.
  • Quick response time: Responds to most ride requests within 20 minutes.
  • Comparable fares: Offers ride fares similar to current bus trip fares.
  • Dynamic route optimization: Real-time adjustments for efficiency.
  • Last-mile connectivity: Bridge gap between transit hubs and destination.
  • Enhanced user experience: Convenient app, real-time tracking, easy payments.

How to Ride

  1. Customers are encouraged to book their trip by using the app or utilizing the button above.
  2. Once you have booked your ride, You will receive an estimated pick-up time and real time updates of your trip request. Your driver will be on their way to pick you up from the closest curb point
  3. Be Ready! Customers must be available at the time the vehicle arrives. Customers have a total of 2 minutes before the vehicle will depart. At this point a customer will be considered a no show.

Can’t book virtually? Give us a call at (918) 982-6882

** See Policies for no shows and Cancellations**


Click Here for our interactive map

Daytime Zones:

Zone 6

Zone 7

Zone 8

Zone 9


Nighttime Zones

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Points of Interest

Points of Interest or POI, are locations that may reside outside of the zone that are designated zone destinations for riders riding within that zone that they may travel to. They may also be exchange points for passengers crossing into another zone.


  • Community Care College (Zone 7)
  • Goodwill Tulsa Store 3110 Southwest BLVD (Zone 4 & 6)
  • 81st and Lewis Subhub (Zone 6)
  • North and Southbound BRT Stations (Zone 6)
  • Memorial Midtown Station (Zone 7)
  • Tulsa Health Department 5051 S 129th E Ave (Zone 7)
  • Woodland Hills Subhub (Zone 7)
  • Gathering Place (Zone 6)
  • Tulsa Hills (Zone 6)

Service Hours

Zones 6-9

Monday – Saturday: 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Zones 1-6

Monday – Saturday: 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Sunday Service Zones 1-6: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Broken Arrow Transit (B.A.T)

Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

*Book up to 30 minutes prior to service time*


Adult (19+) $2.00

Adult Reduced Fare * $1.00 Senior, Disabled, Paratransit Eligible

Adult Accessible $1.00 Mobility device needed

Youth (5-18) FREE *Must present valid I.D.*

Youth Accessible (5-18) FREE Mobility device needed

Child (4 & Under) FREE

Military Veterans FREE *Must present valid I.D.*

**Regularly purchased fixed route passes are accepted**



Credit will be applied to the account for future rides if the passenger was dropped off after the guarunteed arrival time or driver did not arrive at estimated time of pickup. No refund will be issued for cancellations. Credits are valid for 120 days from time of credit. Excessive cancellations become a part of the customer’s permanent record. Customers cancelling more than 5 trips per month will be subject to suspension.

No Show Policy

Drivers will wait 2 minutes before departing, if the patron does not show in that window they will be deemed a “No Show.” Customers who receive a total of 5 no shows in a 30 day period will receive a written notice of service suspension, and a 30-day service suspension will be imposed. Original charge will not be refunded for a no show.

Customers will be given 14 calendar days from the date the suspension letter is mailed to appeal the decision.

MetroLink Tulsa C/O Call Center

510 S Rockford Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74120

Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme weather Micro Transit will not service areas not being serviced by regular fixed route buses. Patrons driveway must be shoveled and clear of any debris that could effect the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Drivers will follow the suggested protocols by local authorities

Car Seats

According to Oklahoma Law, smaller vans (Voyagers) utilized in Microtransit services mandate that passengers under 8 years old must be secured in a car seat while traveling. However, the larger Arboc vehicles in our fleet align with fixed route bus regulations, exempting children from requiring a car seat.

To ensure compliance and safety for all passengers, please anticipate the type of vehicle arriving by checking our app. For detailed guidelines and further information regarding these regulations, refer to the Oklahoma Statutes here: Link to the Oklahoma Statutes