April 2023 Service Changes

March 15, 2023

Effective April 2nd, 2023

109 – Minor time changes ( now 30 minute frequency )

110 – Route and timing changes; Route will now include the 505 Turley, which is now ELIMINATED, with 30 minute frequency. Nightline & Sunday Service NOW MICRO TRANSIT

114 – Minor time change

310 -Will now service 51st from Mingo to 129th E ave. Provide service on Mingo from 51st to 61st.

410 – NOW 112 Lewis going into DAS, will not service OU Tisdale. Route will service downtown as it has in the past.

440 – Will now end at St. Francis Hospital, not servicing Woodland Hills subhub. Increased frequency to 45 minutes.

470 – Will now end at Flying J. Increased frequency to 45 minutes.

490 – Will now service St. Francis Hospital with 440 connection

505 – Eliminated, route 110 will now service Turley

** New edition of the traveler will be available one week prior to official changes*

New Services

Bus Tracking System coming April 2023 (Official date to be announced)

Bus tracking services are returning this April. The tool can be found through our GoPass app after the official launch of service. More information to come on how to use and other features.

Micro Transit Pilot Program (See our Micro Transit page for more details)

*Two Zones; Northwest and Northeast zones. This will replace Nightline and Sunday routes 110 and 130

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