Bus Tracker Information

August 15, 2022
Spot will be down effective Aug 1

Q: Why does SPOT not work?
A: As of August 1st, SPOT will be down as we transition to a new mobile app.

Q: Why are you changing apps?
A: We are working to provide a more user-friendly and reliable mobile app that will give riders more accurate information about bus arrivals.

Q: Can I still track buses in real time?
A: As of August 1st, we will not have a live bus tracking feed until the new app is launched.

Q: What time will my bus arrive?
A: We still have several ways for riders to receive scheduled arrival information:

  • physical copies of the Traveler (available at DAS for 25 cents)
  • GoPass app
  • Google Maps (both mobile and desktop)
  • the Trip Planner on our website will now direct to Google Maps
  • sign up for detour information
    • text ‘MTTAINFO’ to 888-714-3384

Q: What will happen to your bus stop texting feature?
A: As of August 1st, if you text your bus stop number to 56520 you will not receive bus arrival times.

Q: When will the new app be available?
A: We are working hard to get the new app up and running. We will update riders when more information is available!